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The McGill Faculty Club is the place to be for any and all McGill employees, including faculty and staff community members. Located at 3450 McTavish Street, the McGill Faculty Club is used as a social centre for those that visit it. You'll find a lounge, writing room, reading room, snack and bar facilities, and dining room at the McGill Faculty Club.

All the way back in 1923 was when the McGill Faculty Club was established through the Board of Governors' assistance and was first located on University Street. It started out with only a few academic staff as members but has grown into the establishment it is today. The Club eventually moved in 1935 to its current McTavish Street location, which used to be Sir Arthur Currie's home. One of the biggest milestones of the club occurred in 1935, when the club allowed women to be members.

In addition to the McGill Faculty Club being home to all of the different rooms we mentioned earlier it also hosts a series of special events such as weddings, luncheons, meetings, dinners and receptions year-round in the ballroom, billiard room, and one of twelve main private dining rooms. The booking rental fees for having an event at the McGill Faculty Club ranges from $100 to $1400, depending on the amount of time you need the room you rent out for and how many guests will be attending your event.

If you're in the market to have one of your events catered and have no idea where to go then why not have the McGill Faculty Club cater it? The Club has recently entered the catering services world with culinary delights through the cooking talents of Executive Chef Pierre Majois of the Club that will amaze your guests and feed their hungry bellies. Just ask for the available catering menus to plan your event.

The McGill Faculty Club is open from 7AM to 10PM, Monday to Friday and weekends are reserved for group functions. Membership to the McGill Faculty Club is available in an annual pass and the prices for annual memberships are:
-$254 for McGill Department Managers and Administrators
-$300 for Alumni
-$300 for Business Professionals
-$1000 for a Corporate Membership

A corporate membership can include up to four additional members for an extra $250 fee per member. Not only do you get access to the McGill Faculty Club with your membership but you are also granted access to affiliated clubs in Montreal, Canada and abroad through The Association of College & University Clubs.

If you want more information about membership to the McGill Faculty Club you can contact them directly by e-mail at or telephone at (514) 398-6388. If you're ready to send in your membership application to the McGill Faculty Club then you can direct those applications to the Membership Coordinator.

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